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Social Media Management

It has been seen that social media, which was created for personal use in the first place, has become an effective tool for the interaction of famous names with their fan bases. Social media sites continued to be developed in line with their commercial use, as the benefits were seen when used by companies over time and the interest of companies in social media increased day by day.

At this point, when companies use these sites effectively, it is seen that great commercial benefits are provided in areas such as product promotion, venue promotion, e-commerce product marketing. Of course, we can talk about these benefits if these platforms are managed by professionals.

It is observed by everyone how some restaurant businesses that use social media effectively have become popular in a short time. E-commerce companies also increase their sales figures from the traffic coming with their advertisements on social media sites. Now, it is an undeniable fact, a company's social media account is as indispensable as that company's business card.

I provide services on opening corporate social media accounts of companies, management or consultancy of these platforms, Google and Social Media advertisements.